HagueTalks joins the Night of Conflict

During this special edition HagueTalks joins the Night of Conflict. During this event we look back at the most important peace and security issues of 2018 and we dive into the complex world of conflict management and international security. You will get insights from high officials and diplomats, but also from biologists, philosophers, theater makers, soldiers and people from conflict countries.
HagueTalks facilitates personal stories from people who have experienced conflict first hand, and work for peace and justice. You will hear concrete experiences and insighs, and what the decisions f.e. at the UN Security Council really mean on the ground. Join the dialogue!


    • Thana Faroq is a photographer and storyteller from Yemen. She will talk about women and war in Yemen, and the five lessons she has learned. She will share her story documenting women’ lives during the war in Yemen. Through the power of storytelling and images, Thana presents insightful details on her personal encounters with the conflict, displacement, women resilience and the challenges they face during the war.
    • Mohammad Kanfash is the founder and director of Damaan Humanitarian Organization, a Dutch Syria-based NGO working in the besieged areas around Damascus, and now in the Northern part of the country. Millions of people in Syria are depending on humanitarian aid, but the parties in conflict have made the access of humanitarian aid political. Mohammad shares his personal experiences and gives a view from the insight on the severe consequences for Syrians, when access of humanitarian aid is made political.
    • Hariwa Negisa Adil is a human rights advocate with an LL.M. in Public International Law. She will talk about contradiction between beauty and conflict in Afchanistan.
    • Richard Oppelaar holds the post of Director Joint Operations in The Hague and will talk about military contribution to UN operations.
About the Night of Conflict

The Night of Conflict is organized by Humanity House, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, Institute Clingendael, the National Theatre and HagueTalks. It is held in the Theater aan het Spui. There will be programs in Dutch, but also in English! Go to the website for more information and to get your ticket.