Mohammad Kanfash

Mohammad Kanfash

The founder and director of Damaan Humanitarian Organization

Be the change you want to see.

Millions of people in Syria are depending on humanitarian aid, but the parties in conflict have made the access of humanitarian aid political. Mohammad shares his personal experiences and gives a view from the insight on the severe consequences for Syrians, when access of humanitarian aid is made political.


Mohammad Kanfash is the founder and director of Damaan Humanitarian Organization, a Dutch Syria-based NGO working in the besieged areas around Damascus, and now in the Northern part of the country. Damaan team has assisted 52000 patients and provided meals and clean water to hundreds of thousands of people. Mohammad has a life-long interest in Syrian affairs and is active politically in Syria and the Netherlands. He is a Syrian Affairs commentator and protection officer with experience in Syria, Egypt and the Netherlands.

Twitter: @damaan_hu_org
Facebook: damaan.hu.organization/

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