Your Peace, My Peace? – Let’s kickstart peace now!

Time: 14.00 – 17.15

Let’s kickstart peace now!

How can we kickstart peace? Peace needs progress, changes of hearts and minds and action! On the International Day of Peace, HagueTalks will find out.

Join DJ Tatum Whistler and 12 peace creators from around the world in the iconic Peace Palace for a unique event. Share your insights and stories on how creativity and innovative ideas can contribute to a peaceful world. Listen to Amer Shanati, a boat refugee, who inspires hundreds of students in Syria by teaching music. Or Massoud Hassani, designer of the Mine Kafon that detonates landmines as it rolls across the ground. Experience how peace can be kick started through music, media, cartoons, robots, solar powered mobile cinemas, CSI-Rhino, the validation of memories, dance, recycled clothes, and ethical smart phones. What is your idea?

Doors open 13h30. Start Hague Talks 14h. Invitation to Café de la Paix after the event for a drink and talk to the speakers included. Access to the Peace Palace only with valid ID.

To participate in the event, send an e-mail to register@haguetalks.com


Anthony Borden – Journalist Great Britain
Amer Shanati – Musician and refugee Syria
Jean Louis Decock – Dancer DDDD Vietnam
Khalid Albaih – Cartoonist Sudan

Peace Pitches

Anne van Rossum – Peace robots
Raluca Radu – Fair phones
Massoud Hassani – Drones for peace
Maureen Prins – Solar powered cinema
Andro Vos – CSI Rhino
Sietske van Geel – Reshare clothes
Saskia Stolz – Moving people
Sander van Bussel – Validation of memorable objects

Moderation by DJ Tatum Whistler

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