Sietske van Geel

Sietske van Geel

Project Manager Retail – ReShare

“The combination of social – sustainability and social return – and commercial aspects in retails is what I believe in”


Sietske van Geel (27) has a great passion for integrating sustainability and social return in fashion retail. After finishing her bachelor Sociology and master Organisation Studies at Tilburg University she started working in the HR recruitment sector. She developed this great passion more in depth when she came into contact with a very special customer, the second hand clothing department of the Salvation Army; ReShare. Nowadays she is working on the development of a professional second hand fashion retail chain with a special focus on social return and sustainability within the company of ReShare. These two key items are combined in a fresh and professional retail concept in which people from all layers of society are welcome.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/resharestore