How can local governments build sustainable peace?

On the International Day for the Right to the Truth Concerning Gross Human Rights Violations and for the Dignity of Victims, this HagueTalks event will focus on the role of local governments in peacebuilding, specifically their added and unique value and where the challenges lie for them.

The role of local governments in peacebuilding is underexposed and often overshadowed by (inter)national initiatives, whilst local and context specific peace initiatives can be very successful and can have strong legitimacy when led by local governments. This HagueTalks event will take a closer look at  the role that local governments and its leaders can play in ensuring sustainable and peaceful development in their communities. Because the consequences of any violent conflict often manifest themselves on a local scale, a local level approach is vital. This provides an opportunity for governments at local level to contribute to preventing conflicts, building bridges and dialogue after conflict and promoting a peaceful environment.

HagueTalks invited speakers from diverse backgrounds to share their stories and to give an answer to questions such as: What is the added and unique value of local governments in conflict prevention and peacebuilding? How can local governments connect with civil society and national government to implement successful peacebuilding initiatives? What are challenges for local governments in this field that may limit their options in contributing to peace?

Opening of the event is done by Mayor of The Hague (Netherlands), Mr. Jan van Zanen.


  • Leoluca Orlando, mayor of Palermo, is known as a defender of migrants’ rights and is trying to persuade the EU to allow free movement of migrants by offering Palermo as a blueprint for other cities trying to integrate migrant populations.
  • Mr. Oscar Escobar is the youngest Mayor of the City Palmira (Colombia) which is ranked as one of the most dangerous cities in the world in the past. The local authorities in Palmira have developed creative and effective initiatives to curb the violence, and the city has joined the Peace in Our Cities campaign.
  • Katarina Kruhonja a well-known peace activist and Founder of the the Center for Peace, Nonviolence and Human Rights.
  • Rose Mbone, as community mobiliser she has vast practical experience in bringing together youths from diverse backgrounds to have conversations on different issues and concerns that affect the youth’s and community as a whole. Rose is currently coordinating trauma awareness and resilience campaigns under the Legend Kenya community based organization.

Moderator of this event is Hajar Yagkoubi. As a former UN Youth Representative, Hajar brings the UN closer to young people and young people closer to the UN.

Event is co-organised by VNG/ UCLG Peace Prize, Museon, the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Municipality The Hague.


Join this online dialogue on HagueTalks YouTube channel:  www.youtube.com/user/haguetalks

16:00 – 17:00 UTC+1/GMT+1 (Amsterdam)

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