Do You Know About a Tale of Two Cities?

Peace and Justice: Geneva is the city where the Geneva convention and IHL originate, which hosts peace talks, and where Commissions of Inquiry and other mechanisms to address human rights violations are being established. The Hague is the seat of the Peace Palace and a number of other international tribunals and plays a key role in the implementation of and accountability for international humanitarian law and international human rights law.

Humanitarian hub: Geneva hosts UN – and other humanitarian organizations, and provides the policy forum for important discussions in, for example, the field of IHL of worldwide agreements on refugees. The Hague recently  established the ‘humanitarian hub’ and hosts the OCHA Centre for Humanitarian Data.

The aim of the event is to demonstrate the complementarity of the work in these two priority areas for both United Nations cities through a dynamic interactive discussion.

About the speakers

  • Prof. Dr. Janne Nijman – T.M.C. Asser Institute The Hague, University of Amsterdam
  • Prof. Dr. Rolph van der Hoeven  Free University of Amsterdam, Institute of Social Studies The Hague,  International Advisory Council of the Dutch government
  • Prof. Dr. Willem van Genugten – Tilburg University, North-West University South-Africa, Royal Netherlands  Society of International Law
  • Chris Earney – Co-founder of UNHCR Innovation service. Prior to this, he served UNHCR in Iraq, Jordan, Sudan, and Kenya

The Hague Talks Geneva event will be a collaboration of  The Municipality of the Hague, Netherlands Permanent Mission and The Hague, & Partners.