What is Asia’s Engagement with Peace and Justice?

2015 marks the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII and the founding of the UN, another humanity effort for a long lasting peace and justice. While the city of The Hague has a tradition of securing peace through justice, Asia’s engagement has been more and more important considering its significance in the globe.

In this Hague Talks in China, SONG Sang-Hyun, retired President of the International Criminal Court will work together with some brilliant Chinese students to discuss the relation between ICC and Asia as well as what role Asia,esp. China will play in the dynamics of peace and justice. Some of ICC’s well-known or controversial cases such as the Kenya situation, Egypt situation and the Bashir case. In addition, Judge SONG will also share some of his personal experiences as the President.

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11/5/15 9:30

Talk by Judge SONG Sang-Hyun,retired President of the International Criminal Court

11/5/15 9:40

Dialogue between Judge SONG Sang-Hyun and students

11/5/15 10:10


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