Borders of Forgiveness

70 Years after the end of World War II HagueTalks organizes a dialogue with young people from Kenia, Bosnia and Afghanistan. The students reflect on a Talk of Theodor Meron about justice and reconciliation and discuss issues of forgiveness after having experienced atrocities of war. The dialogue will be completed by musical interventions and the reading of poem written in remembrance of Jewish children that found refuge in The Hague during WWII.
As a child, Theodor Meron was deeply affected by WWII. A Polish refugee, he survived ghettos and a forced labor camp. His experience with atrocities of war inspired him to become a scholar in International Law. Today he is the President of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugolavia (ICTY), Presiding Judge of the Appeals Chambers of the International Criinal Tribunal for Rwanda and a Judge of the United Nations Mechanim for International Criminal Tribunals (MICT).

At 8.00 pm there will be a two minutes silence in observance of Remembrance Day.


HagueTalks starts with a dinner at 5.15 PM, with dishes from countries of the speakers. Dinner is € 10.00 and you pay on the spot at the ticket office. Sign up no later than 3 May, if you like to join the dinner.


5/18/15 18:30


5/18/15 18:40

video Talk President Meron

5/18/15 18:50

Leila’s story – Bosnia

5/18/15 18:55

Naveed’s story – Afghanistan

5/18/15 19:05

Harisson’s story – Kenia

5/18/15 19:15

Dialogue with the audience

5/18/15 19:55

Poem by Taco Sorgdrager

5/18/15 20:00

2 minutes silence

5/18/15 20:02