Nazeeha Saeed

Nazeeha Saeed


Media is inclusive and it should fight hate speech

Nazeeha Saeed is a journalist from Bahrain. In 2010 she was arrested and tortured because of articles about the situation in Bahrain. How can journalists fight for a more inclusive legal system when they themselves are not protected by it?

Nazeeha Saeed currently works as Bahrain Correspondent for Radio Monte Carlo, France 24, Al Safir Newspaper and freelancer for ITV, the BBC and Al Majallah Magazine. Nazeeha is dedicated to defending the rights of both Bahraini and non-Bahraini journalists, a cause she advances in partnership with a number of international organizations. Her commitment to advancing free speech strengthened after being detained by her country’s police for her coverage of the 2011 Bahrain uprising. Nazeeha is a member and former-president of the Bahrain International Circuit Media Club, member of the Bahrain Journalists Association, the Red Crescent Society, and the Al Reef Women Society. She is also a founding member of the Al Shabeeba Youth Society and Bahrain Correspondent Club.


Nazeeha Saeed, seventeen years of experience in journalism and broadcast media. Working in print, radio and TV media. Heavily involved in the coverage of human rights stories. Winner of Johann-Philipp-Palm-Award for Freedom of Speech and the Press 2014.

Twitter: @nazihasaeed

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