Jemimah Aluda

Jemimah Aluda

Lawyer and women’s rights activist

In the formal justice systems everyone suffers

Jemima gives a candid demonstration how traditional justice systems work in Northern Kenya; successes and challenges of informal justice systems and what Kenya’s justice system is doing to main stream alternative justice systems (AJS) and ensure that rulings made in informal settings are sanctioned and recognized by Kenyan laws and that no one is disadvantaged or left behind in pursuit of justice.

Jemimah Aluda is a Kenyan Human Rights Lawyer and Women Rights activist, committed to ensuring equitable access to justice for all. She champions judicial reform in Kenya, to allow use of alternative justice systems and diversion practices that give offenders, especially children and youth in conflict with the law, a much needed chance to reform and re-integrate into society as useful members. She is a former Principal Prosecution Council in the office of the Directorate of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) and member of the Interpol Fisheries Crime Working group that helps combat human trafficking at sea, among other bodies. 

Read the full article about Jemimah’s collaboration with the HagueTalks and how it helped her to discover innovative ways of enhancing access to justice for Kenyans.

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