Don Catherine Awuor Ochieng

Don Catherine Awuor Ochieng

LBQ human rights activist

In my community, women have no voice

Catherine tells a moving story of her own struggle with her sexuality; taboos and social cultural mores that dictate how women in her community ought to behave. Her organization has created a support group for LBQ mothers and their children to prepare and help them cope with the challenges they face by virtue of being members of the LBQ community. She believes that,  “No child deserves to be on the tracks running. More so, running from their own sexual orientation”.

Catherine is a Kisumu based Human Rights Activist and Director, Women Working With Women (3W)-a Lesbian, Bisexual and Queer Women (LBQ) organization, based in Kisumu Kenya. Catherine seeks to promote, protect and advance the rights of this minority group in rural Kenya, where LBQs lack exposure and much needed support.