Christina Moreno

Christina Moreno

Founder and CEO She Matters

When refugee women work, communities are stronger and economies grow.

As an uprooted American who has made a home and a career for herself in The Netherlands, Christina Moreno feels a special affinity for refugees. In her talk she wants to present a fresh and exciting perspective on the refugee crisis. Despite the alarmist headlines on refugees, Moreno contends that a growing revolution is under way. She argues that the shift is driven by pragmatic, entrepreneurial people who see opportunities where others see threats, and who understand that if given the right environment and support, refugees, particularly the women, are the key to releasing the untapped potential of economies.

Moreno’s views on the refugee crisis are firmly grounded in her training as an international lawyer. Her stance is that equality before the law is a basic right in the constitutions of democratic countries, and it appears in all international human rights conventions. She therefore believes that we must all be willing to challenge misguided policies that perpetuate discrimination and in favour of a human rights-based approach.

Moreno worked as a legal associate and head of communications at an international legal partnership specialising in on-the-ground international humanitarian and human rights issues in conflict affected areas. She was also with HiiL Innovating Justice where she worked to improve access to justice across the globe. Christina is a Thomson Reuter’s Foundation Trust Conference Scholar for her work on women’s empowerment, and was named among the top 10 ‘Persons to Watch in 2018 for Justice Innovation’ by HiiL’s Innovating Justice Accelerator.

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