Bruna Menezes Gomes da Silva

Bruna Menezes Gomes da Silva

Federal Prosecutor

In defense of the dignity of women in the Brazilian health system.

“For me, cooperation and creativity are the best ways to achieve social change. I believe that people should participate in the construction of public policies, especially those that directly affect them. They cannot have their voices and experiences disregarded under penalty of denying their existence.”

Bruna talks about in one of the most vulnerable moments in a woman’s life, childbirth, women are subjected to unnecessary, invasive and harmful procedures, often without even receiving basic information about interventions on their bodies. With creativity and cooperation, including by women who are victims of violence, in Amazonas they are managing to change the form of childbirth assistance, empowering women and making the birth more humanized and empathic.

Bruna Menezes Gomes da Silva from Brazil strives to ensure universal access to proper public educational and health care system in Amazones. Bruna has been working asĀ a Federal Prosecutor in the Brazilian Federal Prosecution Services in the state of Amazonas.

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