Syria: alternative roads to peace?

Time: 16:00 – 17:30

Whilst the formal Syrian peace process has barely started, it is clear this will be a long and challenging road. Many Syrian citizens have fled their homes and are often trying to survive, meanwhile hoping that peace will come soon. If the formal peace talks are not really moving forward, what about alternative ways of realizing peace in Syria and neighboring countries? What are the initiatives that Syrian citizens take, at home as well as abroad? And how can we possibly support these activities? Two Syrian women will share their perspectives on peace and peace processes as a kick-off for the conversation.

Joining the debate:

Rafif Jouejati is the founder and Director of FREE-Syria. Jouejati is the English spokeswoman for the Local Coordinating Committees in Syria (network of activists) and as an Executive Committee member of the Day After Project. Jouejati worked with key actors in the Syrian opposition to develop a transition plan for Syria.

Rajin Alqallih is a Syrian masters student at the International Institute for Social Studies, The Hague. She is majoring in social justice, conflict, gender and human rights. Alqallih worked for UNHCR in Syria and Sudan for several years mainly in the field of Refugee Resettlement.

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