How to settle disputes peacefully?

Time: 19:30 – 21:00

At this HagueTalks we will hear the story of two young persons coming from conflict areas: Angela Rodrigues from Columbia and Thaer Alsahli from Syria. How did the violence affect them? And do they see possible peaceful solutions to the violent conflicts in their countries?

Refusing to accept violent methods of international conflict resolution and expressing faith in human values, freedom and fundamental rights of people, what do they believe that the role for the international community should be?

Hector Olasolo, professor of international law at the university of El Rosario (Columbia), will share his personal thoughts on the feasibility and durability of the current peace processes.

Do we need to develop more (legal) instruments to protect the freedom of people and create peace?

Angela, will be joined by seven fellow young professionals, visiting the Netherlands as participants in the MFA’s ‘Dutch visitors program’ for future leaders. Don’t miss this chance to interact with these interesting people from: Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Turkey & Ukraine

Let us know your thoughts and join us!

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