How can we make our voices heard in the time of the COVID-19 crisis?

On World Press Freedom Day we ask…

How can we debunk the rumours and support communities with access to facts?
How can we combat the ‘infodemic’ of misinformation and disinformation?
What are the prospects for global solidarity as the pandemic highlights the divisions?

Both the media and citizens can play vital roles in countering the spread of misinformation in our new world of lockdown and social distancing. At the same time, Covid-19 has amplified global inequality, and is heightening the threat to freely reported and reliable information, according to the 2020 World Press Freedom Index.

On 3 May we celebrate press freedom and access to information, and discuss the challenges facing all independent media. Join HagueTalks on Zoom for this special online event on World Press Freedom Day, where we will discuss what the pandemic means for all of us and the future of freedom of expression.

Our international line-up of expert speakers and panellists bring fresh and urgently topical perspectives to the subject of global press freedom. And this online edition of HagueTalks offers extra opportunities for you to join the conversation with your questions.


  • Mira Milosevic – Executive Director of the Global Forum for Media Development. Mira describes herself as a journalist at heart, but she now heads the Global Forum for Media Development, which works to strengthen journalism that informs citizens and strengthen democracies. The organisation is now working to support the journalist community in dealing with the pandemic. Mira previously authored the World Press Trends reports, the leading source of data and analysis on the global press. More
  • Soni Khanal – Program and Learning Manager, Accountability Lab Nepal. In her role at Accountability Lab Nepal, Soni works to promotes responsible government and accountable institutions. Internationally, Accountability Lab is currently focusing on debunking coronavirus rumours and validating information. Having grown up in urban Kathmandu with strong rural roots, Soni campaigns for equal access to basic services in Nepal. More
  • Shakira Choonara – Member of the African Union Youth Advisory Council, SA and Destiny Magazines Most Powerful Woman under 40, 2017 Woman of the Year in Health, and an independent public health practitioner. More

Moderator Michele Ernsting – Director of Programme Development and Global Networks at RNW Media. Michele uses media to support free speech in areas where this is limited due to censorship or social pressure. RNW media co-creates media platforms for people to engage on subjects such as sexual health, accountability and citizen’s rights. Michele was previously a radio journalist and producer of multi-award-winning documentaries.

Event is co-organised by The Hague Project Peace and Justice  and RNW media.