Can there be justice without inclusion?

Currently, the majority of the global population is excluded from justice and affected communities are marginalised. Their voices are not heard. At HagueTalks two leading experts in international law will discuss pathways to more inclusiveness.

Michael Liu will focus on institutional access to justice and the importance of increased Chinese participation:
“No justice without inclusion” or in my terms “Any international justice without Chinese participation will not be a true global effort”. The contribution from 1/5 of the humanity, one at the core of the civilization simply cannot be spared. Though it is also not naturally granted. The value of inclusion despite the difficulties, is it worthwhile? is it feasible? or should I say to be or not to be?

Hector Olasolo addresses inclusiveness from an individual angle, requiring conditions for every human being to develop his or her own capabilities:
“Peace and justice tends to be identified with ‘no violence’. This usually is just a change of labels. What was previously referred to as ‘armed conflict’ is now labeled ‘organized crime’ or ‘terrorism’ and ‘impunity’. We can also understand peace and justice through positive, inclusive concepts, requiring conditions for every human being to develop his or her own capabilities. To achieve this, changing labels is not enough. Positive and inclusive peace and justice needs a profound revaluation of ethical standards of today’s society.”

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