Night of Dicatorship

Have you ever wondered how nations transition between dictatorships and democracies? Have you ever questioned the strengths and weaknesses of democracies and how certain groups in society experience it? Are you interested in human rights and the people who’re committed to defending them?

Well look no further!

HagueTalksYouth teams up with The Hague based human rights organisations to put together this year’s interactive Night of Dictatorship Tour at the Gevangenpoort Museum. Come and listen to the stories of Albania’s transition in the post- Hoxha dictatorship. Learn about the work and experiences of a grassroots human rights defender from the Shelter City Network, who works to push the LGBTQI agenda in the Ukraine. Test your knowledge on dictatorship and democracies during a challenging quiz! Don’t miss your chance with these experiences and much more all while exploring a medieval prison!

This event will highlight some of the steps taken by different actors in society when moving towards or away from democracy. It will highlight some of the challenges actors address and showcase the fragility of democracy.

  • The tour starts four times from 20.45 until 22.00 at the Gevangenpoort Museum.
  • The tours are in English. Dutch hand-outs are available.
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