How is Cyberspace Affecting Peace and Security?

Digital technologies, the Internet, artificial intelligence, social networks are increasingly entering our lives, but the speed of penetration is ahead of our understanding of their influence and the capabilities of regulatory societies. Along with the positive changes, technological development places our societies ahead of new challenges and threats that directly affect personality, national security or financial interests. Today, we are increasingly talking about the dangers of cyber-terrorism and even cyberwar. This raises the question of how to protect ourselves from these risks in cyberspace. How the cyberspace affects peace and security, what are risks and threats and how we have to react is the goal of the discussion.

Well-known and thoughtful speakers will share their knowledge and experience on the topic:

  • Mr. Velizar Shalamanov, Associated professor in the “Institute of ICT” in the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, former Minister of Defense of the Republic of Bulgaria and former Director at the NATO IT Agency;
  • Mr. Koen Gijsbers, Strategic advisor cyber security, former General Manager of NATO’s IT and Cyber Agency, now advising governments and companies on cyber innovations;
  • Ms. Mary-Jo de Leeuw, Expert cyber security / Internet of Toys, Winner Cybersecurity Excellence Award 2018, Ranked #10 GLOBAL cybersecurity influencers 2018.

Join us to discuss the leadership in cybersecurity:
– What are the current and future risks and threats in the cyberspace and how they affect our societies, peace and security;
– How to make our societies more resilient;
– How to ensure that Governments, industry and academia are cooperating to provide more security in the cyberspace;
– How to protect ourselves while using internet and different applications, etc.

This HagueTalks event is organized in partnership between the Hague Project Peace and Justice, Sofia Security Forum and Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Moderator of the event is – Mr. Jordan Bozhilov, President of the Sofia Security Forum.

Register now to join our HagueTalks discussion on how cyberspace is affecting peace and security, individual interests and rights of people.

To register for participation send us an e-mail at events@sofiaforum.bg

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