UNconference: Change for Peace

Now it’s YOUR turn: UNconference Change for peace

What can you change for peace? What will your contribution be to implement the UN sustainable development goals? And what or who do you need to ensure your ideas on peace have real impact? On the International Day of Peace, Humanity House and HagueTalks organize an UNconference The Hague where all your ideas will be gathered, heard, discussed and… set in motion! Register now.

The UNconference is an idea laboratory. Topics and agenda’s are not determined beforehand, but will be created by you and the other participants at the start of the event. Just write your name and the time you will share your idea on the agenda. There is no distinction between experts and participants, as everybody can learn from and inspire one and another.

Join peacemakers worldwide
You can join the day with an idea or plan that has been simmering in your thoughts already and you would like to share with others. But you can also join to be inspired, think along or meet up with other international peacemakers, students, intellectuals and do-ers. By the end of the afternoon the ideas and plans that have come up will be shared worldwide through the HagueTalks Platform.

The ideas that come up during the day will be placed on the HagueTalks online platform, in order for others, worldwide, to connect to it and help realize the plan for a worldwide impact.

Register now for UNconference The Hague!
For the UNconference, 100 places are available. Access is free in exchange for your participation, but for registration it is obligatory to send us your name, field of work/study and a short motivation: what’s your plan for change to set peace and justice in motion?
Send it to: aanmelden@humanityhouse.org.

Join us at HagueTalks XL in Paard van Troje
After the UNconference there will be a very special HagueTalks XL in music venue Paard van Troje, the neighbours of Humanity House. In ‘HagueTalks: Six Senses for Peace’ speakers will use one of the six senses, eyes, tongue, nose, ears, mind and body to overcome challenges and contribute to peace. HagueTalks will be followed by a big party for all. Read here more and join the dialogue!

Just Peace Festival
The UNconference is part of the Just Peace Festival in The Hague, that celebrates the international Day of Peace all over the city from 21st to 25th of September. Check out all activities on the Just Peace website and make sure to be part of it!