Truth? What truth?

Truth? What truth?

Three stories, one picture. Exclusively for this HagueTalks, three journalists from around the world will reflect on a picture of Dutch war photographer Jeroen Oerlemans, who was recently killed doing his job in Libya. Inspired by Jeroen Oerlemans’ picture, the journalists tell their stories about ethics in journalism, based on their own experiences in the field. And next up is you. What is your reflection? How do you consume news and how do images impress you and frame your news? Can we be critical and objective weighing pro’s and con’s without becoming too cynical or fearfull? Come and join this HagueTalks. Be inspired and inspire others with your thoughts and experiences.

About the speakers

Invited by the Hague Project Peace and Justice, twenty journalists from Africa, Asia and the Middle-East will be in The Hague during the Assembly of State parties of the International Criminal Court in November 2016. Their purpose is to seek the truth about the functioning of the ICC. And at this HagueTalks they seek the truth about reporting. They reflect critically on their profession. What do the five principles of journalism: truth, independence, impartiality, humanity and accountability mean when reporting about peace and justice? What is their role and how do they relate to citizen journalists in reporting reality? Is the truth under siege with upcoming social media such as Facebook and Twitter? And probably the most pressing question: what do they contribute to peace and justice through their reporting?

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