Wojtek Oreszczuk

Wojtek Oreszczuk


“I believe that climate crisis as an ultimate challenge to humanity, affects many different aspects of our lives and should be reflected in activity of each one of us, regardless occupation. As an activist of Esperanto movement I try to raise awareness of the importance of sustainability and climate justice among community of Esperanto speakers. Additionally, I act locally for Extinction Rebellion, using means of dialogue and peaceful civil disobedience to compel government action to the risk of social and ecological collapse in local and global scale.”

Young activist¬†Wojtek Oreszczuk –¬†originating from the borderlands of eastern Poland. Graduate of legal and economic studies and tourism economy. Before – a youth worker in local polish NGO, recently Wojtek is full-time devoted to World Esperanto Youth Organization (especially active in its commission on sustainability), while after hours becoming peaceful rebel of global movement Extinction Rebellion.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/wojtek.oreszczuk