Vishal Prasad

Vishal Prasad

Campaign Director - Pacific Islands Students Fighting Climate Change (PISFCC)

We need 1,5° to survive, but we need more to truly live and thrive

“The peoples in the Pacific and other climate vulnerable ares are not responsible for the climate crisis. While the fire started elsewhere my people and I are left to suffocate in the smoke. Our lives are literally at stake, allow us to live in peace and justice and join our fight for climate justice.

The Islands are calling, will you answer our call for climate justice? We cannot wait any longer, our homes, ancestors and history is rapdily being threatend by the climate crisis. Seeking for climate justice at the ICJ will help my people to fully enjoy their Human Rights.”

Vishal Prasad is from Fiji and has graduated from The University of the South Pacific with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Politics and Law and is currently completing his Master of Arts in Politics and International Affairs. He is very passionate about human rights. He believes that the ICJAO campaign has the potential to break the deadlock on ambitious climate action globally. 

Twitter: @vishlprasad

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