Ummi Bukar

Ummi Bukar

Media for Development

Enabling media in Nigeria to portray minorities fairly matters.

The rights of people to be heard, and a platform for those voices to be shared. What it means to be a woman in Nigeria. The duty of the media to ensure all sides are well accounted for.


Ummi is a gender rights activist who specializes in media for development, she strongly believes in providing a platform for direct voices especially for the underrepresented in the society. She  is the founder and Managing Director of PAGED Initiative[Participatory Communication for Gender Development] an NGO that specializes in using media for advocacy and providing a platform to the under-represented in the society. Ummi directed PAGED initiative’s participatory research and film project UPROOTED which is currently being screened as an advocacy and education tool in Nigeria.  She has worked on several media for development projects and assisted in several films produced by MIND Nigeria.

Twitter: @Ummibukar

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