Thomas Hallier

Thomas Hallier

Operations Coordinator for Europe & Central Asia

Healthcare is a matter of life and death. Not a target. Never.

With the adoption of UNSC resolution 2286 on the protection of the wounded and sick, medical personnel and humanitarian personnel in armed conflict a landmark consensus has been reached in spite of the deep divides cutting through the international community. In order to change the reality on the ground, UNSC res. 2286 needs States to lead by example and an entire body of knowledge to emerge in order to guide political leaders and policy-makers.


Thomas Hallier has been working for the ICRC for nearly a decade. He has been posted in Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Southern Caucasus and Tajikistan. He currently oversees the ICRC relations with, among others, The Netherlands.

Twitter: @ICRC
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ICRC/

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