Sjoerd Louwaars

Sjoerd Louwaars

Diretor of Innovation


Sjoerd Louwaars is Diretor of Innovation at PLNT, Leiden Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
“I devote my work to creating spaces where people and ideas interact to build initiatives which tackle local challenges. Wherever I go, I try to facilitate the conditions for innovation to take place. Innovation is just like luck, it cannot be forced. But by doing the right things, you can increase the chance of getting lucky. Therefore, I focus on encouraging on chance encounters, co-creating in diversity, and quickly validating assumptions.”
He designs entrepreneurship education and creates peer-to-peer learning opportunities on the nexus of science and society. Sjoerd is very optimistic about the future of the world. He will explain why Global partnerships are the solution that can be fast forwarded in a digital age.

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