Sachi Qin

Sachi Qin

Transgender Program Manager

The mind moves the matter

“Witnessing community support motivates me. Every time I see individuals from China’s trans family become more confident and empowered to live their lives, it gives me passion to keep working.”

With the help of a trans brother, I found out who I am and became devoted to the trans community; with the help of the community, a sister was able to leave a prejudiced and unjust environment and find a suitable job. Sister and brother are not only words we say to each other, but a familial connection. It is the support we give each other, to make every family member feel warm, safe, and loved.

Sachi Qin from China is the manager of the Transgender Program at the Beijing LGBT Center. Sachi is also the coordinator of ‘Empowering China’s Transgender Community” project which is funded by the Netherlands Embassy in Beijing.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bjlgbtcenter/

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