Revai Aalbaek

Revai Aalbaek

Senior Advisor Justice and Security - UNDP

Empower justice and amplify the voices of the citizens

“I am motivated by hope and opportunity for a peaceful, rights-respecting, justice and equal world through genuine and true implementation of the principles of various international norms and standards, including the aspirations in the SDGs. I do believe that turning the tide on the inequalities, injustices and insecurities in part requires investments in people-centric development approaches and in strong partnerships at local, national, regional and global levels.   Inclusivity and representation matters in structures, processes and systems of justice and one of my motivations in this work has been to open spaces and create platforms and opportunities for excluded and marginalised communities.”

Revai Aalbaek is a human rights lawyer working for sustainable development with a focus on justice and security as part of the UNDP Global Programme on Rule of Law, Security and Human rights. Her work is currently focused on strengthening approaches to people-centred and rights-based justice mechanisms and processes.

Twitter: @RevaiMakanje