Polly Higgins

Polly Higgins

Ecocide law expert

Protect the Earth or destroy it? For me, it’s unconscionable to walk away.

How do we protect our Earth? The recent IPCC reports that to obtain a 1.5ºC cap shall require “rapid, far reaching and unprecedented changes.” Can law protect our Earth? Polly shall be speaking on how an international crime of climate ecocide meets the challenge of our time, how we can all rise to the challenge and stand as conscientious protectors, and in so doing expedite a law that holds the possibility of averting climate breakdown.


Polly’s career began as a barrister in London, before taking up the mantle of one client, the Earth. Over the past decade, she has championed Ecocide law, a law to protect the Earth, to stand alongside the existing atrocity crimes.  Her current focus is climate ecocide, examining the evidence to establish whether such a crime exists. 

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