Noura Al Fadhli

Noura Al Fadhli

Environmental Activist and Engineer

Environmentalism is linked to many global issues that affect it drastically

“I’ve been passionate about the environment since I was young. Growing up, I realised that most of the current global issues are interconnected: to solve environmental issues, we must advocate for all marganilised segments of society, including women.

Environmentalism is not limited to topics that concern environment itself, but is linked to many global issues that affect it drastically. Each gender has an improtant role to play to secure a better future.”

Noura Al Fadhli is an electrial engineer working as a field engineer in the private sector. She prusued studies in her area of passion and received a Msc degree in Environmental Impact Assessment and Management from Oxford Brookes University. She has been advocating for environmental justice and women right for 5 years now.

Instagram: @nouralfadhli
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nouraalfadhli/

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