Mona Demaidi

Mona Demaidi

Co-managing Director Girls in Tech

Women do not need to envision success, they need to be part of it.

“After obtaining several awards as the first female to have an accomplishment or obtain a leadership position in the technical field. I realized that we want to stop hearing about female firsts, women should have equal opportunities as men.

Confidence and culture are the main causes for low number of females occupying senior positions in the tech field. Therefore, we as women regardless where we come from, we need to come together and network to create opportunities. We do not need Women to envision success, instead we need them to be part of it.”

Mona Demaidi, from Palestine (West Bank). Mona is an entrepreneur and women’s rights advocate and is the Co-Managing Director for Girls in Tech in Palestine. As former board member of Women in Engineering and Arab Women in Computing and Chair of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, she champions the growing global involvement of youth and women in tech.

Twitter: @monademaidi
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mona.demaidi