Mert Kumru

Mert Kumru

European Front Coordinator - World's Youth for Climate Justice

We are not asking for climate justice, we are demanding it

“Peace and justice seem like abstract concepts for those of us that have always enjoyed their presence throughout our lives. I refuse to sit idly by while people suffer from the lack of the protection of their basic human rights. Combattting our collective omissions related to the climate crisis and beyond should be everyones mission.”

Mert Kumru is a campaigner for World’s Youth For Climate Justice and is a former UN Youth Representative on Human Rights and Security for the Netherlands. He combines his Human Rights background with a variety of climate related themes. In his work and activism he focusses especially on Human Rights violations that take place due to the climate crisis. Mert is currently finalizing his Public International Law LLM at the University of Leiden.

Twitter: @mertkumru_UN