Makgatho Mathari Motshekga

Makgatho Mathari Motshekga

Director of the Community Law Centre

'Without a woman, a family cannot become' the Sotho saying.

Makgatho attempts to find an answer to the question of whether community law can deliver and maintain the implementation of certain personal rights.


From a young age Makgatho Motshekga has ran the Community Law Centre helping ordinary people to resolve their justice problems. Ms. Motshekga is also in the leadership of the Kara Institute, this institute is a thought leader in South Africa and advocates for greater recognition of the African culture. Furthermore, she is well connected and comes from a political nest (her father is the chairmen of the justice committee in the South African Parliament and her mother has been a minister (currently education) in the cabinet since the time of Mandela). In other words, Ms. Makgatho Motshekga is a truly community-based leader with great future potential and has access to the highest level of decision makers in the country.