Luis Antonio Mondlane

Luis Antonio Mondlane

Chief Judge of the Criminal Section of the Supreme Court of Mozambique

Humankind must stop ravaging everything and restore the balance

Luís António Mondlane is motivated by a deep commitment to promoting peace and justice. He believes that upholding the principles of justice is crucial for creating a harmonious and fair society. Through his work in various judicial and governmental roles, including as a Judge in the SADC Court and President of the Constitutional Council, he has strived to contribute towards peace and justice by ensuring the rule of law, protecting human rights, and seeking accountability for wrongdoing.

Luís António Mondlane obtained a Law degree in 1981 and served as a Counselor Judge in the Supreme People’s Court. He held various government positions and served as a Judge in the SADC Court, including being elected as its President. He later became the President of the Constitutional Council before returning to his position as a Counselor Judge in the Supreme Court.

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