Lina AlShatti

Lina AlShatti

Senior Engineer Projects - Technical Expertise Team- Kuwait Oil Company

The contribution of Kuwait Oil Company in protecting the environment

“I work for Kuwait Oil Company and execute capital projects in oil & gas. Kuwait Oil Company may have an impact on the environment in terms of air pollution but it commits to its strategy by striving world class operation excellence and respects the environment by ensuring to reduce hydrocarbons emissions i.e. zero flaring system and waste management plan. Kuwait Oil  Company contributes in the environment protection by adopting zero flaring system, waste management plan, soil remediation, planting the desert and save the marine life.”

Lina AlShatti has 22 years experience in major projects of the Oil & Gas industry. She has worked with Worley Parsons, Fluor & KOC. KSE member, IEEE member, INCOSE member& PMI member and published two articles in international journals. Education from BEng. Electrical & Electronics- UK, MBA- Bahrain, PhD in Engineering Management from George Washington University- DC USA.

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