Lama Saed

Lama Saed

UNICEF Youth Panel

Every child should know the rights they have

She is taking part of this event today because she finds it important that we all have to realize that a lot of other Syrian children, including other children coming conflict zones, have lived in horrific situations and cannot always enjoy their basic rights. Therefore, children’s rights are important and children themselves need to be aware of their rights. Through the eyes of a young Syrian girl you will see how important it is for children to have rights, and that they have access to their rights, especially for children that have lived in conflict zones.


Lama Bou Saed is 14 years old. Three years ago, she came to the Netherlands from Syria. Now, she lives in Ridderkerk with her parents and brother. She is in the second year of HAVO at Farelcollege. Since February this year, she joined the UNICEF Youth Panel.

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