Jeanne de Kroon

Jeanne de Kroon

Founder ZAZI

Start listening to the real stories behind our clothing

Jeanne de Kroon started her company ZAZI in 2017 from her student¬†bedroom in collaboration with Silk Road vintage traders and a small NGO in rural India.¬†ZAZI now is a celebrated global fashion business with a focus on sustainability and women’s economic and social independence. Working with women’s artisanal communities through both the United Nations Ethical fashion initiative in Afghanistan and independent NGO’s worldwide, Jeanne aims to connect consumers back to craftsmanship and co-creation.

Jeanne tells the story of her personal path to reconnecting back to the origin of cloth and creativity and by that being able to build a community looking to reclaim their connection. To know how to listen to the million different voices behind our value chain is a way to ensure their rights and possibilities to bloom.

Jeanne is a public speaker on behalf of the European Union, a global ambassador for sustainable fashion, environmental awareness advocate and is changing the perception and importance of artisanal craftsmanship one step at a time.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jeanne.dekroon

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