Janneke van der Graaff – Kukler

Janneke van der Graaff – Kukler

Deputy Regional Director for the Arab States, UN Women

Consciousness and enabling environment to advance women’s rights

“I have a strong sense of justice and enjoy creating opportunities that allow all genders to thrive and live healthy, peaceful lives. Coupled with an international upbringing and a curios mind, this motivates me to work in development cooperation, with an emphasis on governance and women’s rights.

Determination and life experience define you. Society, those closest to you, shape who you are. Access to opportunities, education, legal and social protection help you become who you are. All these issues are also defined by ones gender. This is relevant everywhere, with distinct issues and similarities within and between countries, and no country in the world having achieved gender equality to date. A personal story to highlight this.”

Janneke van der Graaff – Kukler – Deputy Regional Director at UN Women.

Twitter: @unwomenarabic
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/unwomenarabic/

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