Janet Simaloi Sankale

Janet Simaloi Sankale


Advocating for justice and reparations for victims of atrocity crimes

“You do not have to be trained as a Journalist to become one. Journalists play an active role in promotion of peace and justice. Challenges facing reporting in this digital era as we are sidetracked with false information.

As a custodian of information through my role as a journalist, I have taken to heart the importance of creating online communication communities to promote justice for victims and prevent the recurrence of atrocities and any form of violence through accurate and balanced reporting of the trials and human rights issues. Through reporting on international criminal justice, I have been presented with a platform that calls out impunity whenever it occurs and compels responsible actors to act. Additionally, it is an opportunity to transform how citizens see, understand and define justice by providing them with reliable and usable information about how the global justice system works in seeking justice for victims of atrocity crimes.”

Janet Simaloi Sankale is a journalist specialising in reporting on international criminal justice and human rights. I am a criminal justice enthusiast and a scholar dedicated to promoting a better world in our national and international criminal justice system. I am currently working with Journalists For Justice – a Hague based organisation, where I cover trials at the International Criminal Court and other international tribunals.

Twitter: @Jntoyai