Jane Waithera

Jane Waithera

Change Maker

Her talk will be about personal journey as a woman with albinism the journey to acceptance, forgiveness and transforming mindsets about the rare genetic condition.


Jane Waithera is an enthusiastic, dynamic, proactive and motivated human rights advocate, with over five years’ experience in various fields of the disability and leadership sector, particularly in Albinism Issues. Jane is co-founder and program director of Positive Exposure (PE) Kenya, which is a non-profit organization for albinism education and advocacy.  She promotes inclusive communities that uphold the rights of persons with albinism to empowerment, equality, dignity, justice and self-reliance, through advocacy and public awareness, economic empowerment, education & Mentorship. She is also a recipient of the prestigious Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African leaders 2015.

Twitter: @janewwaithera
Facebook: jayne.waithera

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