Jan Stassen

Jan Stassen

Cultural Translator

Open your mind, explore with your feed and reflect from your heart

“We deeply believe that creating spaces filled with aestethic experiences empowers people to reflect on their inner compass. In an increasingly complex world, its easier than ever to feel lost and disconnected. There is a fundamental need for personal development to deal with a paradoxical world.

For too long, we tried to find answers about meaning and life in the external world. The more science-based understanding of the world is growing, the less we seem to know about what matters to us. Our perspective of what is important seems blurry. We need to look inside to clear our view!”

Jan Stassen is Cultural Translator and Co-Founder of Museum of Values which holds immersive exhibitions on various values such as respect, friendship, freedom, authenticity and joy-of-life.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/jan.stassen1

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