Ivan Jose Nieto Barrios

Ivan Jose Nieto Barrios

Political Science and Politician

I need things to change and I fight every day to achieve it

“My motivation is to ensure that all rights are respected for all people in my country and that we can walk through the streets without fear of being what we are. That is why I am fighting for a political change that guarantees our rights without any type of discrimination.”

Ivan shares his transformative journey from a recognised youth leader by Chacao’s mayor at 12 to becoming a devoted politician and advocate for change in Venezuela. Highlighting the challenges of living in a dictatorial regime, he emphasizes the urgent need for political transformation to secure equal rights for all. Ivan’s inspiring goal is to become the first openly gay mayor of Chacao, symbolising a beacon of progress and inclusivity in the face of adversity.

Ivan Jose Nieto Barrios, a Political Science graduate, is a dedicated politician and Corporate Social Responsibility advisor. Recognised for his leadership at 12 by Chacao’s mayor, Leopoldo L√≥pez, Ivan champions change in Venezuela, aspiring to be its first openly gay mayor, driven by a vision of equal rights for all.

Twitter: @IvanJNieto
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ivanjnieto