Hoang Huong

Hoang Huong

Program manager – CEPEW

We need to mobilize our youth for the promotion of gender justice.

Hoang Thi Huong will answer why NGOs choose youth people as the change makers factor, how NGOs support for young people to connect and build social forces, i.e. organizations, groups, individuals, networks that share the same concern and work on gender, to create foundation a social movement; creating a new discourse about gender equality, in order to change the solid perception of society about gender roles, erase the barriers for individual to pursue their personal growth, and create an inviting environment for social movement.


Hoang Thi Huong is program manager of the Center for Education Promotion and Empowerment of women (CEPEW), one of Vietnamese CSOs pioneer working on gender equality, women’s human right, and human rights education and apply UN mechanism to advocate for human rights. She is working with youth groups to promote gender equality and women’s  human rights, universal values in Vietnam. Her programmes have focused on capacity building (knowledge and policy advocacy skills) to change discourses of gender norms and breaking out of gender stereotypes through social campaigns and social media.

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