Heshika Neranjana Deegahawathura

Heshika Neranjana Deegahawathura


Empathy rooted in people-centric realities is key for sustainable peace.

Are key stakeholders and policy makers in a conflict, or post-conflict scenario, sufficiently empathetic to the wants and needs of the people? Hence, the solutions to achieving a sustainable peace, in each situation, shouldn’t be prescriptive. Instead, the solutions should be formulated with the respective people-centric realities in mind. The core objective of such solutions should be to meet the basic needs of the people and lead them towards a happy and fulfilling life.


Heshika Deegahawathura is a business strategist, social entrepreneur and policy advocate with experience in utilizing innovation for policy impact and economic development. He has led strategic and cross-sectoral projects in both the private and public sector and assisted the rehabilitation and reintegration process of former rebels as a rehabilitation officer for the Bureau of the Commissioner General of Rehabilitation in Sri Lanka. Heshika holds a degree in Political Science from Yale University.

Twitter: @heshdee
Facebook: heshika

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