Helen Barley

Helen Barley

Humanitarian Programme Manager

Understanding and action on humanitarian aid workers psychological health.

Working in the humanitarian sector is highly stressful and emotionally and psychologically draining. Helen is passionate about working to create a more resilient and compassionate humanitarian system, in which humanitarian aid workers feel adequately supported to do their jobs effectively and sustainably. This in turn can help to ensure the quality of support can be delivered to local populations in need.

Helen Barley has worked in the international humanitarian sector for over 10 years, with a focus on managing protection, education and psychosocial support interventions for crisis affected populations. Her work has taken her to Haiti, Somaliland, Brazil, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon. Helen is the Programme Director of the Contemplative Based Resilience (CBR) Project of the Garrison Institute International, which aims to develop a more resilient and compassionate humanitarian aid sector. She is also undertaking professional development training in Counselling and Psychotherapy.