Gülşen Güler

Gülşen Güler

Research Director at Civic Software Foundation

Data justice is integral part of just societies

“Data has been proven to be a pivotal agent in measuring progress, discovering emerging patterns, and making predictions especially due to emergent digital technologies. However, data is not neutral as it is inherently biased towards what we believe is important to measure, as well as the definitions and categories we create. Without ethical considerations, data-driven technologies can amplify already existing power imbalances in society and therefore, when we are talking about creating more just societies, we have to consider data justice as an integral part of this goal.”

Gülşen Güler is a UK-based researcher who examines and reimagines the relationship between data, justice, society, and power. Gülşen is also a trained justice social worker where she witnessed the limitations and embedded biases in digital reporting systems, and her lived experiences in this field led her to specialize in data literacy and digital inclusion from a unique perspective. Gülşen is also one of the Young Justice Leaders (Pathfinders) whose efforts will lead them to the 2023 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Summit in which SDG 16+ will be a focal point of discussion. 

Twitter: @gulsengulerdl