Grace Aguil Garang

Grace Aguil Garang

Executive Director of Youth & Society Africa

A society that cannot afford basic needs cannot be at peace

“As someone who was born a refugee and had to grow up in a different country because of the war back in South Sudan at the time, coming back to a country that was destroyed by conflict and under developed motivates me to want to be part of change and economic development. I want to contribute as I can to reconciliation, sustainable peace and development because I believe no one should be forced out of their own country to become a refugee.

Peace is sustainable when efforts towards reconciliation and repatriations are coupled by programs that actively improve levels of living, enabling access to education, work and employment within communities that face conflicts.”

Grace Aguil Garang is a 24 years old youth and gender activist from South Sudan, she is a member of the International Youth Advisory Committee for Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Netherland’s and works as the Executive Director of Youth & Society Africa, a youth organisations that work for Youth Agency for change, Education & Work, Women & Girls empowerment,Youth, peace & Security and Entrepreneurship, Technology & Innovation.

Twitter: @graciegarang
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thatgirlfromSouthSudan?mibextid=LQQJ4d