Ghida Anani

Ghida Anani

Founder & Director

We cant be all that we can be but we can become what we want to be

Life saving of women, and walking them to escape an abusive relationship that is destroying their self-image, aspiration for the future and effectively contributing to building their nation, is a driver that pushes Ghida to wake up every day and continue doing what she does. Peace in a nation can never be achieved if no peace prevails at home!

Ghida’s disappointment in the way of working of civil society organizations pushed her to establish a “model” organization that puts into practice public health strategies, while using a right-based and results-based approaches and practicing what it preach.

She wouldn’t say we can be ‘’all that we can be’’ but I do believe that we can all change the reality to become what we want to be. Unfortunately, the ‘’feminist values’’, in the MENA region at least, are becoming more and more patriarchal and women are becoming the worst enemies of other women than men themselves. Although it is encouraging to see men coming forward as feminists, more engaged and believing. We just need women to come together and re-discuss the perception and definition of these values and renew the commitment and pledge to women rights and gender equality and ensure more female leadership!

Ghida Anani from Lebanon, is founder and director of the ABAAD-Resource Center for Gender Equality, striving for equal rights and elimination of violence against women. She has been awarded by theWorldbank in 2018 as one of 10 inspiring women entrepreneurs making a difference across MENA.

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