Friday Odeh

Friday Odeh

Country Director for Accountability Lab Nigeria

Supporting people of integrity can help build strong institutions

“Young people who desire a positive change motivates my work, most especially the commitment from my team (Accountability Lab Nigeria) inspires me to do more daily, in contributing to building strong institutions through a network of people with integrity in government. It is important to build integrity in my society because peace and justice can only be maintained when all stakeholders (citizens, media, private, and public sector, etc.) are accountable and government institutions are governed by the principles of transparency, integrity, justice and accountability.”

Lack of integrity which leads to corruption, inequality and insecurity remains the heart of Nigeria’s challenges. Overcoming mistrust in government and building systems of justice and accountability requires changing popular mindsets through supporting individuals who demonstrate integrity. Integrity Icon Nigeria is an annual campaign with the explicit goal of “naming and faming” honest government officials through, bringing Nigerians across the country into a conversation about integrity and accountability.

Friday Odeh is Country Director for Accountability Lab Nigeria. His field of work focuses on social justice, youth development and the governance sector. Accountability Lab is an innovative non-profit supporting change-makers and responsible government leaders, by running multiple awards on the anti-corruption scene and involving young people in governance and law. They also run projects focusing specifically on youth, music and governance issues (with themes such as women’s rights and police brutality). Previously, Friday worked at Save the Children in Abuja, Nigeria and the Association of Positive Youth Living with HIV/AIDS. His earlier experience with the aforementioned topics also becomes evident through his involvement as a mentor to the WEF Abuja Global Shapers and his volunteering with the UN Youth Association of Nigeria.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fodeh2001

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