Felicity Sibindi

Felicity Sibindi

Regional Manager Africa (RNW Media)

Speaking truth to power through an innovative Afro-centric approach.

Information for advocacy is often sourced from traditional, respectable and socially-accepted sources such as national statistics and reports. These sources are also heavily influenced and shaped by external factors such as economics, politics and the local availability of resources to collect up-to-date and relevant data. Digital data for advocacy is the new frontier in aligning the real time authentic voices of young people to transform governance agendas to meet the legitimate needs of local communities.

Felicity believes in a decolonised, Afro-centric approach to digital data that amplifies the voices of young people to influence national and international policy spaces beyond the paternalistic lens of policy-makers who are often men from the global north. The political impact of social media isĀ a revolutionĀ being led by young people and it is important to ensure that their needs are understood and taken seriously to contribute to meaningful change in previously inaccessible environments.

Twitter: @FelicitySibindi
Facebook: rnw.org

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